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To get to know more about modern rapid prototyping techniques, I attended the course «Entwerfen für Rapid Technologien» supervised by Sebastian Reichel.
Inspired by the works of Nervous System, I teamed up with Hanna Schatz to create generative jewelry based on personal data. To give jewelry as a present to a loved one already is a special thing to do, we wanted to make it even more personal by generating the jewelry based on data from the giving person. We thought a lot about personality and what we could use as a data source. What came to our mind was the human eye – if you have a closer look, all of them are beautiful in its own way and you won’t find two eyes which look exactly the same. We then took pictures of our eyes, as we did not have any money for the project, we just turned a normal lens the other way round, which worked quite well as a low budget macro lens. Some tears later (because of bright lightning + dry eyes) we had some photos we could use. To create the «bubble ring», as we called it, I wrote a Processing program which translated the brightness of the images’ pixels into bubbles with a different size using the Processing library toxiclibs. At long last we needed to make sure our model was water proof before we could print it out.

As a side project, we experimented with unfolding techniques in Cinema 4D, which resulted in the «melon ring», which was based on the structure of a melon.

Special thanks to Paul Vollmer for Cinema 4D assistance!


  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
  • Course: Entwerfen für Rapid Technologien
  • Supervisor: Sebastian Reichel
  • Collaborator: Hanna Schatz
  • Tools: Processing, Toxiclibs, Cinema 4D, 3D Printer