Exhibition Design, Music, Project, Web Audio, WebGL, X


Echtzeitstudien is an interactive projection-mapping project which was exhibited for one month in Graz, Austria, 2017.
The project was realized using WebGL and Web Audio in cables – the visual programming editor we develop at undev.

Every visitor of the installation was part of the experience – once connected to the local wireless network we could track the user’s positions and create an abstract representation of them on the wall. Additionally visitors could use various sensors in their mobile-devices to interact with the sound and visuals by visiting the project-homepage.

I was responsible for the implementation of the sound-engine in cables and was part of the sound-design team.

Concept & Art Direction: Plex Noir (Alexander Rechberg, Daniel Becker, Fabian Pflaum)
Development Graphics: Thomas Kombüchen (undev)
Development Sound: Tim Pulver (undev)
Development Backend, Mobile & Wi-Fi: Daniel Becker, Alexander Rechberg
Sound Design: Adrian Rennertz, Tim Pulver (undev), Fabian Pflaum
Performance Choreography: Sandra Hanschitz
Performance Dance: Lisa Klingelhöfer, Sandra Hanschitz


  • Year: 2017
  • Realized as part of undev
  • Client: Agentur für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Steiermark