Drawbot Workshop Blossin

Physical, Project, Workshop


During a two day event held by the social sciences department of FH-Potsdam at Forscherwelt Blossin, an institution where children can playfully explore and learn, I gave a workshop about drawing machines. Participants had to build drawbots using basic components like batteries, a toothbrush, a vibration motor and pens. Most of the participants did never work with electronics before, but after they learned how to solder and which cables to connect to make the electricity running, they build some funny little bots, which all behaved differently – some were drawing circles, some drew dotted lines, some even changed their behavior in between.  Based on the «ahh»s, the «ohh»s and laughs, the workshop was much fun for everybody, but not only that. People gained some understanding of electronics and trained how to balance things – the drawbots were standing on the toothbrush-head, so people had to come up with creative solutions on how to not make them fall over.