Design Slam Berlin



Together with 7 befriended designers / editors we organized the event-series Design Slam Berlin. Four participants had to solve entertaining design problems using a fixed set of materials (e.g. duct tape, colourful paper). There were various rounds where the participants could score points. At the end a jury nominated their winners. To also integrate the audience, I wrote a Processing application called the «Clapometer» which analysed and visualized the acoustic levels in the room when the audience applauded for each participant’s project – the louder the audience applauded, the higher the ranking. At the end the score of the audience was summed up with the jury’s score to find a winner.

Because we knew upfront that the space for the audience was limited and people in the second row would have problems watching the participants design, we placed a webcam next to each participant. I programmed a webcam split-view-application which then showed closeups of the participants while they were solving the tasks on a beamer together with their current score and twitter handle.


Editors & Management:
– Anne Kammerzelt
– Kathrin Gemein
– Björn Lüdtke

– Annabell Sievert

Graphic Design:
– Jana Heidenreich
– Jan Erlinghagen
– Sandra Stäbler


  • Year: 2014
  • Role: Interaction Design, Co-Concept
  • Media: Page
  • Media: Slanted
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