Course: Web-Typography

Experiment, Typography, Web


In the course Webtypografie by Chris Magiera we learned how to transfer our typography-knowledge to the world-wide-web. Most common browsers nowadays have a broad support for typographic features like open type. Within the course we were taught how to implement state of the art web-typography and refined our typographic eye.

Responsive Design

In the assignment The Grand Design we had to implement a chapter of the famous book by Robert Bringhurst using web-technologies. The final website needed to be responsive and support different markups.

Forum Discussions

In another assignment we had to implement a forum-like discussion-website. I chose to use the data-visualisation library D3.js to visualise the thread structure using the avatars of the authors.

Experimental Menu

The final assignment was to build a menu for all our course assignments. Using D3.js I created a circular menu, which was also working as a data visualisation. Using a circle-packing algorithm each assignment was represented by a circle. Its diameter represented the amount of time spend on it.



  • University of Applied Sciences Potsdam
  • Course: Webtypografie
  • Year: 2014
  • Supervisor: Chris Magiera
  • Tools: HTML5, CSS3, various Javasctipt- and icon-libraries