Project, Web, Web Audio, WebGL


Cables is a web-based visual WebGL, Web Audio and WebVR programming environment which makes it possible to create interactive audio-visual real-time experiences without writing a line of code, just by connecting little boxes, so called operators.

It consists of two parts: On the community-site, users can follow other users, get inspiration and feedback about their projects. In the editor they can get creative and produce multi-medial experiments.

In a two-person team I was mostly responsible for the UI/UX Design, Frontend-Development and extending the functionality from a mere visual tool to an audio-visual one. I also pushed the learning experience by enhancing the documentation, creating examples and finding new ways for users to understand the platform easily.



  • Year: 2016–ongoing
  • As part of undev
  • Role: UI/UX Design / Frontend-Development / Backend-Development