Turntable Step Sequencer

Computer Vision, Experiment, Physical


When I applied at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, there were some tasks to fulfill. One of them was to create a piece which deals with simplicity. For me simplicity concerning digital products often is to not have to deal with stuff we don’t need at that moment – a lot of application icons around the one we look for, finding the right settings to fulfill a certain task and so on. Often it is very handy to have a physical interface, which only maps some of the functions the digital interface is capable of. It’s just more fun and in many cases we don’t need all the functions, but just a few.

As music is very important to me, I decided to simplify basic beat making on a computer. For this I created a paper-template with three circles on it, one for the kick-drum, one for the clap, one for the hi-hat. Above the turntable I mounted a webcam. Using Processing and some basic blob detection techniques, I am searching for small red objects, which are then used to trigger one of the three samples.



  • Year: 2011
  • Tools: Processing, Webcam, Turntable